the odyssey

  • March 15, 2018
  • Regard Extrême and Dark Awake
  • La Esencia Rec.

Format: CD Digipak 

This album is the result of the collaboration with   “Dark Awake”  Greek project. It was an opportunity to experience a new way of working. The choice of this mythical theme and the association between two groups of different styles was an opportunity to explore different sound spaces. Mix styles to provide a martial, industrial, neoclassical, epic, ethereal and dark ambient album. Of course Regard Extrême desire was to continue on Anaphore CD’s path while exploring different sound spaces. The common decision from the start was not to do a classic split album but a real collaboration where the two groups inter-act on each track, even if all tracks were not composed together. The goal was to obtain a homogeneous result that would carry the listener in the journey of ulysses through selected episodes. A musical journey of darkness and beauty. The CD comes in a beautiful 3 panel digipack CD with 8 pages booklet and embossed letters on the cover. 

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