die weisse rose

  • 1995
  • Les Joyaux de la Princesse & Regard Extrême
  • World Serpent

Format: CD Digipak 

This album is the result of a joint work with “Les Joyaux de La Princes”. This collabration and the theme were proposed by Eric K. (LJDLP) who already had in mind the main theme of the work. The subject presentation, largely based on films and documents, was of great interest to Fabien (R.E.). The story and the tragic destiny of the heroes have indeed quickly been a great source of inspiration. On this album, some tracks were composed by the two participants separately. R.E. brings his Dark Neoclassic touch and LJDLP its more Post Industrial side. Also note that Feya Aswinn performed voice on a track. The result is a sad and nostalgic work that takes us back to this tragic story. A kind of soundtrack that allows us to live those dark hours.

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