• March 15, 2018
  • Regard Extrême
  • Cynfeirdd

Format: CD Digifile 

This album marks the return of Regard Extrême, 10 years after Utopia. It is a new beginning for the project. Fabien has put away his old sampler and composes eight new tracks, benefiting from the latest developments in computer music. But the soul of Regard Extrême remains intact in this CD which remains in a true neoclassical DArkwave style. The tracks are arranged much more dynamically than in the past and incorporate fairly lively and havy percussion elements. This gives a martial rhythm music. In addition, there are more lyrical and melancholic tracks composed of beautiful string layers and choirs … This is the dark romantic neoclassic side of this album. On the whole album  we can hear the dissonances as well as the brass that R.E. likes to distill all along in his pieces.

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